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Stryfe is a clone of the mutant Cable and, as a result, possesses Cable's natural vast psionic abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. However, these abilities are far more powerful than the ones Cable has generally displayed in the main continuity, sufficient to block the use of Cyclops and Jean Grey 's superhuman powers Stryfe is the clone of Nathan Christopher Summers, alias Cable, the son of Cyclops of the X-Men. Nearly two millennia in an alternate future, the aged mutant Mother Askani, alias Rachel Summers , led the Askani cult which opposed the rule of Earth by the long-lived mutant tyrant Apocalypse

Being a clone of Cable, Stryfe has the same mutant powers as his genetic brother, mainly telepathy and telekinesis. The main difference is that Stryfe's powers are more powerful than that of Cable.. In between juggling his dating life, some Logan/Nathan bonding time, and continuing his search for Stryfe and the kidnapped mutant babies, Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto continue to consistently pump out a solid and fun book every month. Their more immature and playful Cable has been a breath of fresh air after decades of the dour straight man he's consistently played since his creation Stryfe: the clone of Cable's origin revealed. Stryfe is the Marvel villain you never knew you needed. What if X-Men's Cable became a villain? Thursday, March 11, 2021. Login; Home; Reviews; News; Analysis; Heroes Unmasked; No Result . View All Result . No Result . View All Result . Home Analysis. Who is Marvel's Stryfe? The Clone of Cable. January 6, 2021. in Analysis. 0. 0. SHARES. Share on. The mutant terrorist Stryfe is a clone of Cable and one of his deadliest enemies. Born in the present-day, Nathan was infected with a deadly techno-organic virus while still an infant. He was sent into a possible future timeline where he could be treated and live his life

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Cable loops in Do... Cable #8 continues young teen baby Nate's hunt for Stryfe, his archnemesis alt-clone, looking to put a stop to his baby kidnapping schemes Cable wurde von Chris Claremont, Rick Leonardi, Louise Simonson und Rob Liefeld 1990 erfunden und in New Mutants #86 vorgestellt. Erster Auftritt. Als Säugling in Uncanny X-Men #201 (Januar 1986) Als Erwachsener in The New Mutants #87 (März 1990) Kurzbio. In seinem Kampf gegen die Mutant Liberation Front von Superbösewicht Stryfe schließt sich Cable mit den New Mutants zusammen und wird.

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Stryfe's origin, one of them being that underneath all that armor was a woman. Ultimately, the idea that Stryfe was actually Cable seemed to offer more in the way of interesting story opportunities, and Bob encouraged me to follow that path. It was the right move and it helped catapult Cable's popularity to new heights. So, there they were. Stryfe and Cable were now twins Stryfe is evil and malicious clone of the original older Cable, who has repeatedly threatened the future of the X-Men and their allies. Cable tries to keep the truth of Stryfe's involvement away from his sister -- which makes sense, considering that the last time the X-Men encountered Stryfe it was during a time when the villain was mentally controlling Rachel and threatening the entire time-stream During the rescue of Cyclops and Jean, Cable and Stryfe fell into a temporal rift, and both were believed to have been destroyed. Cable survived the rift, but Stryfe's body was destroyed and his consciousness entered Cable's body. For a time Stryfe's consciousness dominated Cable's, but Cable regained control Aliya and Cable arrive in the Askani timeline when Cable was a young man fighting Stryfe's armies. He and Aliya appear to have come back to this future timeline inside Stryfe's base camp. They discuss strategies on how to get past the army and they share a moment staring into each other's eyes

Cable assumed that he must be Stryfe's clone, as Stryfe was more powerful. After powering-up the TDC, Cable deduced that it was on Earth and therefore they could body-slide anywhere on the planet only. After returning to Safehouse 14, G.W. Bridge agreed to help Cable find X-Force, after arguing. The group traveled to X-Force's new Camp Verde Reservation base and Cable was attacked, by the. Cable has been trying to figure out how to defeat Stryfe, who remains a major threat to the mutants of the modern day. Unlike his older counterpart -- who was often a key part of stopping any of the time-hopping villain's plans -- the modern young Cable hasn't been able to recover a group of stolen mutant children. He's been growing increasingly desperate in his efforts to catch the villain. Want more? Become a member and get access to exclusive videos like the Top 5 Comics of the Week every week and other things!https://www.youtube.com/channel/U..

Stryfe was a clone of the mutant Cable and, as a result, possessed all of Cable's natural mutant abilities. He also possessed other abilities through genetic manipulation similar to those that Cable achieved through cybernetic augmentation. Just like Cable, Stryfe's primary mutant powers included vast telepathic and telekinetic capabilities. Stryfe's telepathy enabled him to read the minds of. With nowhere left to turn, Cable seeks the assistance of an old follower of Stryfe's, Wildside. Cable's frustrations get the best of him and things between him and Wildside get physical. Hope Summer's arrival puts an end to the hostilities and Cable comes to a realization. Their best chance in stopping Stryfe is in the old man Finally Cable Prime is on his way back! H After being raised as the Askani'son, the one destined to kill Apocalypse, in the Clan Askani religion, Nathan became a hardened warrior and brilliant tactician. After founding the Clan Chosen and losing the war, Nathan began to travel through time. Nathan eventually returned many years older than his father, calling himself Cable

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Recently, Cable was investigating the kidnappings of several mutant babies when he discovered that his nemesis, Stryfe, was behind the disappearances. Stryfe, an evil clone of Cable's older self, is a menacing threat with Omega-Level Mutant abilities that have been known to outclass even the original's powers Cable's Purpose. The first reason to bring Stryfe into the X-Men movie universe would be to give Cable a distinct purpose and trajectory. Cable's rivalry with Stryfe is something that's (literally.

Stryfe is a villain from Marvel comics associated with the X-Men and hails from the Askani time-line, he is an evil clone of the hero known as Cable and is as much a ruthless terrorist as Cable is a determined freedom fighter. Stryfe is the clone of Nathan Christopher Summers, alias Cable, the son of Cyclops of the X-Men. Nearly two millennia in an alternate future, the aged mutant Mother. Cable is sometimes the closest thing to a slice-of-life comic on Krakoa, often featuring Cable in his day-to-day life, going on dates and trying to please his family.The comic does it to varying degrees of success, and Cable #9 tries to infuse this element with a greater overarching plot about Stryfe, missing the mark in some places and hitting the nail on the head in others Cable relates that Stryfe shares his face, and the men figure that Cable is either a clone of Stryfe or vice versa. The men figure that Stryfe is using Apocalypse as a mask and search all the old. Cable says he thought he killed Stryfe before he travelled back in time. The young Stryfe wasnt killed right? If not, then I guess we can assume it was an older one. Stryfe has always confused me and this issue didnt make that any clearer. Ok so that is Duggan not reading X-Force OR there is something brewing that will explain why he thinks that he killed him. Young Stryfe, after almost being.

Spielsachen und mehr zum draußen Spielen! Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Cable is seen in the year 2087 dealing with some unidentified issue related to Stryfe, in the aftermath of an Inhuman attack that covers the city of Boston in sentient plant life led by the Shredded Man. He and his A.I. Belle eventually joins the rest of the Uncanny Avengers helping Synapse in the present and helps deal with the Inhuman causing the problems, before deciding to join the team. Featured Characters: Cable Supporting Characters: Domino Professor Clan Chosen Jenskot Tetherblood Blaquesmith Silo Antagonists: Stryfe Korless - (Death) Other Characters: Locations: Earth-4935 Items: Vehicles: Aliya and Cable arrive in the Askani timeline when Cable was a young man fighting Stryfe's armies. He and Aliya appear to have come back to this future timeline inside Stryfe's base. How's it ridiculous that Stryfe, the clone of Cable, would have a synergy with Cable himself?? 2. Shock29 Posts: 215 ★★ December 2020. So is cable getting another synergy from Stryfe that will make him even more powerful then just with the Apocalypse synergy. So, basically, we could be getting a third really powerful mutant through synergies this month. This should be interesting. 4. Ein Klon von Kabel ist Stryfe der Hauptantagonist in den 1990er Jahren Crossover X-Cutioner Lied , 2009 X-Force / Cable Crossover Messiah Krieg und 2014 Cable & X-Force / Uncanny X-Force - Crossover Vendetta. Stryfe tritt als Hauptschurke des X-Force- Laufs 2018-2019 auf . Fiktive Charakterbiographie . Eine Frau, die sich als Askani vorstellt, erscheint Cyclops und Jean Gray aus der fernen.

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Stryfe is the insane clone of the mutant Cable and one of the strongest psychics to ever live, due to his body not possessing the Techno-Organic Virus like his brother's does. Whereas Cable was raised by the loving Madelyne Pryor and Scott Summers, Stryfe was raised by Apocalypse to serve as his new host when his body grew too old. Stryfe was raised on the idea of mutant superiority and became. Considering Stryfe is all Cable could have been, had he not been infected with the techno-organic virus + the enhancements and traning he received from Apocalypse (also adding to his own ruthless. Stryfe and Apocalypse were both brought back to life. Excluding the Age of Apocalypse storyline, Apocalypse would return in Cable #19, while Stryfe would return as a ghost who possessed Cable. The story ended with Cable freeing himself from Stryfe's control, sending Stryfe's spirit to Hell for all eternity

The Askani then takes out Stryfe's mind from Cable's body and Cable falls to the ground. Cyclops runs over and tries to help him but Cable instead is looking for his own son, Tyler. He apparently escaped during the confusion and cannot be found telepathically by Professor X. Jean Grey says she reached out to Stryfe to find a cure for the virus and was unsuccessful. Professor X says they must. Stryfe was cloned from Cable when Nathan Summers was taken to the future as an infant to help cure the techno organic virus that he was infected with. However, just as the cloning was complete, Apocalypse's forces captured the clone thinking he was the original. Stryfe was raised as a spoiled tyrant and taught to develop and abuse his immense telekinetic and telepathic abilities so that his. Featured Characters: Cable (Nathan Summers) (Possessed by Stryfe) (Origin revealed) Supporting Characters: Domino Askani X-Men Cyclops (Scott Summers) Jean Grey Professor X (Charles Xavier) Mother Askani (Rachel Summers) (First appearance) (Only in flashback) Boak (Only in flashback) Antagonists: Zero Stryfe Tolliver (Tyler Dayspring) Mister Sinister (Nathaniel Essex) Frisco (Appears on a. Stryfe is a weaker version of Cable actually because during the time that Apocalypse tried to transfer to Stryfe, Apocalypse said the body can not house him. 11 years ago. cracks. Follow 6974. Stryfe (en algunas ediciones, traducido como Dyscordia) es un supervillano del cómic X-Men de Marvel Comics.Fue creado por Louise Simonson y Rob Liefeld.Debutó en New Mutants vol. 1 # 87, en marzo de 1990.Stryfe es un clon de Cable, y fue uno de sus principales enemigos

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In Cable #8 by Gerry Dugan and Phil Noto, Cable reunites with former X-Force partner Domino to travel to Tokyo to follow Stryfe's trail, discovering a secret lab where another adult Cable clone releases twelve young Cable clones for him to fight. After Domino walks in and kills most of them, the original Cable gives the right answer to win his life and together they stop the last clone from. Stryfe was a clone of Cable, created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson for New Mutants #86. Revealed to be a clone of Cable, created by Mother Askani and raised by Apocalypse, he hasn't been. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Worker Mod 180 Motor Kabel Switch-Kits für STRYFE ändern Spielzeug bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel Hope watched as Stryfe tortured Warpath until Cable, Wolverine and Elixir came to their rescue. In the following fight, Hope survived along with the rest of X-Force and Cable, though Bishop lost an eye to Wolverine and had his time travel device damaged. When Cable and Hope were forced to time travel again, Hope resisted because she wanted to stay with X-23 and Elixir, with whom she had bonded. Traduzioni in contesto per Stryfe in italiano-inglese da Reverso Context: Fu scoperta vivere a Madripoor da Stryfe durante il suo viaggio con Sumo e Kamikaze

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Cable will be wrapping up as a series in the next couple of months, but there is still a lot to cover in the last few issues. The Hellfire Gala is approaching, Stryfe is still out there kidnapping children, and the possibility of old man Cable coming back is becoming very real. What lies in the future for this series or kid Cable after this book is unknown, but for what it's worth, this has. Cable combatió a Stryfe y aparentemente sacrificó su vida para destruirlo. [14] Su victoria fue pírrica, pues Stryfe, antes de desaparecer, desató al terrible Virus Legado, una plaga contra los mutantes. Una vez más Cable se marchó hacia el futuro, dejando la incógnita en Cíclope, sobre cual de los dos era su hijo. Carrera superheróica independiente. Cable regresó poco después. CABLE VS STRYFE. X-MEN: STEEL MUTANTS. The X-Men were so popular in the 90s that they not only had two books of their own, but also a whopping three spin-off titles. Two of those, Excalibur and X-Factor, had been launched in the 80s, and the other, X-Force, was a rebranding of the New Mutants in order to make them more extreme. This included adding Cable, a dude who's mutant power was. Stryfe= Apoc's clone of Cable during Cable's alternate future timeline but he appeared to not be as strong as these other two, more comparable to Exodus IMO. He should have been comparable to God Cable but I guess Apoc wanted to keep his minion's power in check and kept him around to jack his body when he'd need a new, he's the most badass looking though. Nate= Made by Sinister in Age of.

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Jul 22, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Aaron. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Stryfe, clone de Cable, attaque le Professeur Xavier à visage découvert (se faisant ainsi passer pour Cable) et débute la saga X-Cutioner's Song durant laquelle il va devoir prouver son innocence à Lucas Bishop et Wolverine qui le traquent, et éliminer définitivement Stryfe lors d'une bataille sur la Lune où ils disparaissent tous deux dans une explosion temporelle. Cable réapparaît.

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  1. New Mutants # 87 CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages (Marvel 1990) 1st appearance of Cable, Stryfe and The Mutant Liberation Front! Good luck and bid with confidence!CGC graded 9.8 with white pages. Case has been sleeved in Mylite after reception so is in immaculate condition
  2. Cloning Blues: Stryfe (Cable's clone) and his mother Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone) are both recurring antagonists for him. Cyborg: Thanks to the techno-organic virus he was infected with. Cockroaches Will Rule the Earth: There's a storyline in Earth-80521 with a race of humanoid roaches; the Roach Soldiers, and they have their own president
  3. X-Men: Cable Is Hunting Down Stryfe - And It's Personal. Comics. By Ayub khan Last updated Jan 25, 2021. 0. Share. Related Posts. Savage Dragon Creator Says He Would Let Invincible Use the Apr 30, 2021. Why Granolah Might Be The Best Arc Of The Series . Apr 30, 2021. Cable's newest mission sets him up against a major threat with a deep personal connection, and he's going to need.
  4. d was actually Rachel Summers - yes, the daughter of Scott and Jean from an alternate.
  5. Stryfe takes off his helmet and is revealed to look exactly like Cable X-Force (1st series) #18 after Stryfe has attempted to assassinate Professor Xavier, he joins the X-Men in a battle against Stryfe, is revealed to have Summers DNA in his genetic make-up; atoms are scattered into the timestream with Stryfe's


Stryfe/Cable. Works; Bookmarks; This tag belongs to the Relationship Category. Parent tags (more general): Black Dagger Brotherhood - J. R. Ward; Cable and Deadpool; Deadpool (Comics) Marvel; Marvel (Comics) Marvel 616; X-Force (Comics) X-Men (Comicverse) Mergers. Stryfe/Cable has been made a synonym of Stryfe/Nathan Summers. Works and bookmarks tagged with Stryfe/Cable will show up in Stryfe. Stryfe Real Name: Stryfe Height: 6'8 Weight: 350 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: White Group Affiliation: None currently First Appearance: New Mutants #87 History: Stryfe is the clone of Nathan Christopher Summers, alias Cable, the son of Cyclops of the X-Men.. Nearly two millennia in an alternate future, the aged mutant Mother Askani, alias Rachel Summers (Phoenix II), led the Askani cult which opposed.

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  1. Stryfe, the Chaos Bringer, is the evil clone of the popular character known as Cable, and one of his deadliest enemies. I knew that creating Stryfe would be a challenge, but he is such an important villain, and so visually striking, that I thought I would give it a try, and make him my third Eaglemoss custom figurine
  2. The young Cable's plans to bring down Stryfe might result in the possible return of the classic, more seasoned version of the iconic X-Men leader. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Cable #9 by Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, & VC's Joe Sabino, on sale now . Recent events have shaken the young Cable who has been living on Krakoa to his core, undercutting the extreme confidence the young.
  3. WORKER 180 Motor Cable Switch Kits for Nerf Stryfe Modify Toy: Amazon.de: Spielzeug Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen

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  1. But things get even more complicated when you add Cable into the mix. That's why it's no surprise that in next week's X-Force #6 , we find Stryfe, a clone of Cable (or is Cable the clone), trying.
  2. Sent into the future to save his life, the boy who would one day be Cable was trained all his life to battle Stryfe, the Chaos Bringer. It came as a great shock, however, when Stryfe was revealed to be his own mad clone. Now, both men have come back in time to our era, where their no-holds-barred war continues to this day
  3. Large and in Charge: Like Cable, Stryfe is an extremely physically imposing individual, standing at a massive 6'8 and 350 lbs. Large Ham: In his earlier appearances he was one of the hammiest villains around, making grandiloquent speeches and sweeping poses at the drop of a hat. As the years have passed this aspect of him has sadly tapered off, leaving him as a more generic sort of villain

X-Men: Emma Frost Knows Why Apocalypse Turned Cable's Clone Into Stryfe. By Damon Ellison April 30, 2021 No Comments. Home Worker Mod Performance Upgrade Upgrade Flywheel Worker Mod 180 Motor Cable Switch Kits For Nerf Stryfe Modify Toy. Previous product. Worker Mod 50cm Blow Scar barrel Shooting Darts by Mouth Funny Toy for Nerf Dart $ 25.69 $ 20.59. Back to products Next product. Worker Mod 22cm Picatinny Rail Mount for Nerf Blasters and Nerf Modify Parts Toy $ 10.69 $ 8.49. Worker Mod 180 Motor Cable.

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Stryfe. Cable. Blast. Blast. Psylocke. Shifter X-Genes* Phoenix Feather M'Kraan Crystal M'Kraan Shards *Shifters include Colossus, Domino, Fantomex. The Clone of Cable. By getting 6 of the required characters to Tier-2, you will be able to unlock the native Tier-2, Stryfe. Deadpool, Fantomex, Domino, Psylocke, Cable and Colossus are the characters required. X-Force Armory. By clearing stages. 3 Die Cast Metal Cable Vs. Stryfe Action Figures - Marvel Comics X-Men Steel Mutants with Mutant Collector's Stand: Amazon.de: Bab From the distant future he came, the son of Cyclops, the bane of Stryfe, the man called Cable! The founder of X-Force, Cable always comes ready for battle, with big guns and even bigger ammo, and since his debut he has loomed large in the Marvel Universe. Now, he's the latest 7 Marvel Select figure from Diamond Select Toys. Wielding multiple weapons, including one that can be mounted on his. Stryfe (pop culture) When he first appeared in Marvel's New Mutants #87 (1990) as a creation of artist Rob Liefeld, Stryfe was a conundrum to readers. This mutant terrorist turned out to be the double of Cable, the New Mutants' new leader. The two also proved to have similar telepathic and telekinetic powers. Cable was revealed to be Nathan Summers, the.

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Fathers and Sons Act 2: Illuminated Knights, script by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Aron Wiesenfeld, inks by Al Vey and Jon Holderedge; Tyler uses Askani to learn the true origin of Cable and Stryfe; Cable, now fully possessed by Stryfe, takes down X-Force and heads for Tyler's stronghold; Domino reaches the X-Men and informs Cyclops that Cable is really his. Cable pinup, pencils by Tony Daniel. With Cable, the group the New Canaanites overthrow Stryfe who escapes back into the past in the time of the X-men. Here he sows dissent by posing as Nathan Summers aka Cable among the mutants. Stryfe becomes a mutant terrorist and wages war on both mutant and human alike. He often battles the New Mutants who fight alongside Cable and one instance tells Cable that he, Stryfe, impersonated Cable. STRYFE. What do you get when to mix a gimp on steroids with a food processor? You get one of the most ridiculous characters and costumes the 90's ever spewed forth, Stryfe! I'll hand in my geek card and admit that I know next to nothing about this character other than he's a clone of Cable and whenever he pees he has a 50% chance of turning himself into an Unsullied. I don' t understand his. Tag Archives: Stryfe X-Outlaws. 05 Thursday May 2016. Posted by detective651 in Uncategorized. ≈ Leave a comment. Tags. Banshee, Cable, Marvel, mutants, Mystique, Omega Red, Random, Shadow King, Silver Samurai, Stryfe, Vanisher, Vulcan, X-Men, X-Outlaws. The genesis for today's post came from the following article on Comics Alliance. To Me, My X-Men! The Comics Alliance X-Men Fantasy Draft. Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this galler

Marvel Comics Universe & X-Force #7 Spoilers: Stryfe Vs

35 What's the relationship between Cable, Stryfe, Ahab

  1. o und Cable wurden schnell intim miteinander. Nach einer gescheiterten Mission gegen Cables bösen Klon Stryfe, wurde Tolliver so wütend, dass er den Tod aller Six-Pack Mitglieder forderte. Er sendete mehrere Agenten zu der Six-Pack Gruppe, die diese umbringen sollten. Jedoch wurden alle Agenten ausgeschaltet. Do
  2. Stryfe: | | | Stryfe | | | | Publication in... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive.
  3. o, X-23, Vanisher and.
  4. Worker Mod 180 Motor Cable Switch Kits For Nerf Stryfe Modify Toy $ 11.69 $ 9.3
  5. Cable was a highly accomplished battle strategist and, highly adept in many forms of hand-to-hand combat and in the use of a variety of weaponry from both the late 37th-early 39th century and the modern era. He has a diploma in law and is also in possession of an education provided by the Clan Askani, which is far in advance of modern era conventional education, especially in the sciences
  6. The first person they meet is a very old (and still very crazy) Deadpool who leads them to Cable who isn't exactly thrilled with the unwanted help his father has sent him. Meanwhile, Bishop is also in 2973, making a deal with the ruler of this future world, Stryfe. Reprints. in X-Force / Cable: Messiah War (Marvel, 2009 series) ([August] 2009

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Definitions of Stryfe, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Stryfe, analogical dictionary of Stryfe (English) English » English ↔ search: Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Malagasy Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian. X-Factor (1986): -#80-108 Complete X-Cutioner's Song Uncanny X-Men #294-296, 297 (epilogue) X Men #14-16 X Force #16-18 Annuals: -#6-8 (Annual #8 polybagged with card) Appearance Cable, X-Men, X Force, Excalibur, Storm, Mr. Sinister, Mystique, Stryfe, Quicksilver, Crystal, Blob, Kings of Pain Shattershot Phalanx Covenant Grade: Fine-Near Mint Average Fine/Very Fine We grade our comics very. Collects Cable (1993) #21-28, X-Force (1991) #44-48. Cable and X-Force unite under the pen of superstar writer Jeph Loeb! A new era begins as Cable revamps his mutant strike team and relocates to the X-Mansion — where Cannonball graduates to the X-Men, and Boomer becomes unhealthily attached to the murderous prisoner named Sabretooth! But when Cable's wife, Aliya, returns from the future. Cable's backstory, as it would eventually be revealed, was this: Cable is the son of the X-Men's Cyclops and his then-wife, Madelyne Pryor. That baby had debuted in 1986's Uncanny X-Men No. 201. Stryfe by @louiejoyce ️ # xmen # xmencomics # marvelcomics # excalibur # xforce # xfactor # xmenart # superheroes # marvelart # comicbooks # polaris # gambit # psylocke # phoenix # cable # rogue # emmafrost # jeangrey # marvelgirl # storm # thor # stryfe # avengers # captainamerica # falconandwintersoldier # gotg # blackwidow # fantasticfour.

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Past Work - Rob Liefeld CreationsOne Per Case: Marvel Legends Infinite X-Men Series StryfeNerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe - Range Test (Stock) - YouTube[MOD] Nerf Stryfe Modifications - YouTubeNerf Italia: Nerf stryfe blaster - recensione ita - YouTube[FUN] NERF 2014 Elite Blue Modulus Stryfe ^_~ - YouTube
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